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Season 5 Episode 2

Feel free to post episode 2 if you have it. :)

Season 5 Episode 1

If anyone knows where to watch the first episode of the fifth season or where to download it feel free to share, our former youtube uploader is no longer :(

Season 5!

Season five starts tomorrow kids! There is a special clip from the episode on the official website cbc.ca/littlemosque/ For those of us lucky enough to be in Canada, it is on at 8pm.

Holiday Special

Well, kids...

There was a Holiday Special of Little Mosque on the Prairie last week, but our usual youtube uploader is no more, so I have been trying to find it elsewhere online, but have failed thus far. So if anyone finds it, please post it, thank you!

5th season

The 5th season starts January 3rd at 8pm!

fanvid: Troublemaker

About: Amaar & Nate's friendship
Music: "Troublemaker" by Weezer
Episodes: thru 4x16
Length: 1:30 min.
Link: On my journal

Season 4 Promos

The new season starts soon!! Check out some sneak peeks here - http://www.cbc.ca/falltv/shows/littlemosqueontheprairie.html